Information on the Organic Care of Peach Trees


Peaches are luscious, popular fruits and are not difficult to grow organically if you keep them healthy. Pest and disease problems vary from one area to another, so always get additional advice from local experts.

Variety Selection

Buy a variety that is resistant to common diseases in your area and that will bear well under local patterns of chilling and warmth.

Site Selection

Plant your tree in full sun. Peach trees grow poorly with partial shade and produce fewer fruit.

Improve The Soil

Give the roots deep, fertile and well-drained soil. If yours is lean, add compost or other organic matter, digging it in deeply.

Mulch and Water

Mulch the soil around the tree to keep weeds from spouting and keep the soil high in organic matter. Water well for the first two year; drought will stress the tree, reducing its resistance to disease and insect attack.


Spray leaves with seaweed and fish emulsion and apply a good organic fertilizer in spring for vigorous, disease-resistant growth.


Prune yearly to removed diseased wood and promote fruit bearing year-old growth.


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