How to Grow Flowering Plants in November


From August until the first frosts of November, garden beds begin to appear dormant and lifeless. The plant has already reproduced and sent out its seeds or fruit and it enters a time of dormancy to await the springtime and repeat the flowering cycle. If you want flowers blooming through the fall, consider buying varieties from the other side of the world, where flowers use different triggers to end their flowering season and will often bloom for much longer if brought to the U.S.

Step 1

Determine the type of flower that will grow best and have the desired effect and maintenance in the garden. Annuals last one season and fall blooming flowers will not have time to re-seed. This means that they will only produce flowers for one season and will need to be replanted the next year. Perennials grow for multiple seasons, but must be properly winterized to ensure a healthy return. Bulbs return annually when harvested and brought inside for winter after flowering is complete.

Step 2

Recommended fall blooming annuals include gazanias, mesembryanthemum and nicotiana. Recommended perennials are canna lilies, dahlias and rudbekia. Recommended bulbs include colchicums, cyclamen and schizostylis coccinea "major." When deciding what types of flowers to grow, consider factors such as the type of blossom, the length of bloom, and whether any additional maintenance is required.

Step 3

Transplant the flowers and maintain in the garden. Care for fall blooming plants is identical to that of regular plants. For best results, water the flowers on a regular basis, cut off old blooms to encourage fresh growth, and if growing perennials, fertilize at the end of their growing season and winterize the plant for the next year.

Step 4

Cover the plants if frost is predicted to ensure a longer growing season.


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