Lemon Tree Diseases and Pests


Lemon trees (Citrus limon) are popular in home gardens both for their decorative appeal and their versatile fruits. The elliptical leaves are dark green on top and light green underneath, and the white flowers have purple undersides. Lemon trees, like other citrus trees, are susceptible to various diseases and pests.

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Citrus Whitefly

Citrus whiteflies are tiny white insects that damage lemon trees by sucking sap from the leaves. This causes the affected leaves to yellow and curl.

Other Pests

Citrus trees are also vulnerable to California red scale (Aonidiella aurantii) and purple scale (Lepidosaphes becki). These pests are most prevalent in humid, mild climates.

Citrus Tristeza Virus

Citrus tristeza virus (CTV) is a destructive lemon tree disease that stunts the size of the fruit. This disease also causes cupped, yellowed leaves and pitted stems.

Other Diseases

Lemon trees are prone to several leaf diseases, including leaf spot (Mycosphaerella horii) and algal leaf spot (Cephaleuros virescens). Potential root diseases include charcoal root rot (Macrophomia phaseolina) and root rot (Fusarium oxysporum).


A majority of lemon tree problems can be treated effectively with fungicides or insecticides. Trim off diseased or infected foliage and dispose of away from other plants.


  • Citrus Whitefly
  • Citrus Tristeza Virus
  • Citrus Nemotodes

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