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The abutilon plant is also known as the Chinese bellflower, Chinese lantern or flowering maple, but it is not related to the maple tree at all. It belongs to the Malvaceae family of plants along with the musk mallow, red-leaf hibiscus, Cornish tree mallow, Australian hollyhock and mallow pink.


The leaves are similar in shape to those of a maple tree. The bell-shaped flowers can bloom all year long and come in white, reds, yellow, orange and shades of blue. The abutilon plant can grow to a height of about 10 feet.


The abutilon plant can only be grown outdoors in hardiness zone 8 in the warm south. They need to be kept where the temperatures are about 70 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and 60 to 65 degrees at night.


It can be grown from seeds, which will grow in 21 days if kept at a temperature of 75 degrees Fahrenheit.


When used as a houseplant, the abutilon plant should be planted in a container that is a tight fit and should not be given fertilizer.


The abutilon plant is susceptible to attack from whiteflies, spider mites, scale insects and mealybugs. It cannot survive a frost.


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