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Houseplants are everywhere: your living room, the dentist's office and your work cubicle. Plants add color and style---but they can do double-duty: Add plants to your environment to clean the air, cheer you up and feed and soothe your family.

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Air Quality

Houseplants remove dangerous volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) from the air inside homes. A NASA study concluded that a collection of recommended houseplants removed VOCs and eliminated the respiratory symptoms associated with the contaminates.

Mood Lifting

Plants make you feel good. Creativity and productivity increases in the presence of greenery. The field of horticultural therapy continues to explore the emotional and psychological benefits of plants and gardening.


Plants increase indoor humidity, reducing static electricity and dry skin. Higher humidity levels may reduce your susceptibility to colds.


Herbs double as attractive houseplants and provide fresh ingredients all year. Parsley, rosemary, bay and tarragon can grow in a bright, south-facing window.


Some houseplants have healing properties. The sap of aloe vera can be used on mild burns and other skin irritations. Chamomile can be grown indoors and used as a stomach-soothing tea.


Grow your own aromatherapy plants. Lavender can be overwintered indoors and used to keep you and your pets calm and collected.


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Who Can Help

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