Children's Gardening Tools

Children enjoy working in the garden even if they just think they're playing. The bright colors and fun designs of children's gardening tools will help reinforce this idea. Whether your kids are more interested in planting seeds, weeding or digging holes, the right tools will make working in the garden easier and safer for them.

Child-Size Gloves

Gloves will protect your child's hands from thorns, scratchy weeds and unexpected garden hazards. For children who are not inclined to play in the mud, gloves can also help to make the gardening experience more pleasant.

Small Trowel and Shovel

You can purchase these handy tools in special gardening kits for kids, but there's not a difference in size between the children's version and adult version. Instead, you will find that children's tools usually have bright colors, softer grips and cute designs on them.

Small Cultivator/Hand Rake

Choose a small version of a cultivator to help your child to be able to weed close to a plant without harming it. Like the trowel and shovel, the hand rake is a tool that's also used by adults. This tool sometimes comes in a set with the trowel and shovel.

Short-Handled Shovel

When your child is ready for digging larger holes, get him a short-handled shovel. These tools are proportioned better for your child's height, but their scoops are only slightly smaller than a full-sized shovel.

Short-Handled Hoe

A hoe is one of the most versatile garden tools and this is no less true for the children's version. Choose one with a short handle in order to give your child more control over the hoe. Nonetheless, this is still a tool to give to a child who has shown that she will use it responsibly.

Short-Handled Rake

Regardless of whether you look at a child's rake as a serious tool or a method of distracting your child while you rake the lawn, a short-handled rake will get a lot of use. Try to find one with a sturdy handle and soft plastic tines.

Child-Size Wheelbarrow or Cart

Whether you choose a wheelbarrow or cart, this tool is a win for both parents and children. The children enjoy toting things around the garden, and even a small wheelbarrow can hold enough to be helpful. You may also be able to reuse an old toddler cart for the garden.

Watering Can

If there's one garden task that children are good at, it is watering flowers. Choose a small watering can in bright colors for your child to use. Kids can entertain themselves for hours watering plants and most plants cannot be harmed---just make sure that your garden has good drainage.

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