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An herb garden is an ideal addition to your household, especially if you like to cook. There are dozens of different herbs to choose from, from spicy oregano or mild parsley, to sweet basil. Choosing and buying live herbs all depends on what your tastes are, what you want in your garden, and what type of climate you live in.

Step 1

Decide what type of herbs to purchase. If you are looking to plant a live herb garden outside, it is important to read up on what types of herbs grow in your area, soil and climate. While herbs are certainly hardy, some varieties will do better in sun, shady places, certain types of soil, and rain fall if you live in a very wet or dry climate. If you are planting an herb garden in a sunny windowsill, it is not as important what herbs you buy because they will be climate controlled.

Step 2

Check your local farmer's market, which usually sells healthy herb plants that have not had the trauma of transportation. Always ask the farmers about the best way to grow them, as well as any necessary fertilizer or pesticides they may require. See Resources to find the closest farmer's market near you.

Step 3

Check your local gardening center if you can't find a farmer's market or if you want more exotic or a large variety of herbs.

Step 4

Make sure the herbs you choose are healthy. The leaves should be strong, shiny, green, and not browning, yellowing, wilty or mushy. Decide whether it looks healthy or yellowish. It should have new buds, and the roots should be hanging out of the bottom of the container.

Step 5

Buy proper soil or mulch for the herb plants, along with transplanting containers. It is important to know what herbs grow best next to each other to conserve as much room as possible. For example, parsley and oregano grow well together, because parsley spreads quickly but oregano remains within its designated space. They will not grow onto one another.


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