How to Prune Siberian Peashrub


Native to the Siberian wastelands, Siberian peashrubs can grow in most any condition but will thrive in locations that receive full sun. The plant blooms in May with soft yellow pea-shaped flowers. If allowed to grow naturally without pruning, Siberian peashrubs will form quickly into a rounded shrub and can reach up to 20 feet in height. Some basic pruning will keep your Siberian peashrubs in check.

Step 1

Prune the Siberian peashrub regularly to limit its size. Trim branches down to any height that works in your garden or lawn. Shears are usually adequate for cutting through peashrub branches.

Step 2

Keep your peashrub in an upright, tree-like form by cutting horizontal branches back within a few inches of the trunk. By keeping your peashrub in tree shape, it will fit more easily into smaller spaces.

Step 3

Trim new shoots as they grow. When new sprouts appear on the peashrub, they will grow rapidly. Cut them back to the same length as the other branches to keep a uniform shape.

Step 4

Shear the plant back by one-third to encourage the growth of new shoots. Remove one-third of the stems, cutting evenly around the shrub to prevent the plant from appearing lopsided.

Step 5

Do most of the Siberian peashrub's pruning in winter. Dramatically cut back the Siberian peashrub during this time if you would like. The peashrub will recover from a major pruning in time to bloom for the season if pruned during the winter.

Tips and Warnings

  • Do not overly shear Siberian peashrubs. Shearing should not be done every season, but only as much as needed to maintain the size of the plant. Shearing will cause the appearance to deteriorate after a while, so the less you shear the peashrub, the better.

Things You'll Need

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