How to Remove Spent Blooms From Asiatic Lilies


Asiatics are probably the best lilies for beginning gardeners. Large, showy, exotic blooms grace the landscape with brilliant color and sweet fragrance. Asiatic lilies start their blooming season beginning in early or midsummer, depending upon the variety. Undemanding and winter hardy in Zones 4 to 9, these plants don't even need to be staked and will thrive in almost any well draining organic medium.

Step 1

Carefully break spent Asiatic lily blooms from the stems by hand as soon as they wilt and fade. This will prevent the plant from wasting its energy and resources on producing seeds. Healthy specimens of some varieties fooled into thinking that no seeds have formed may reward you with another round of blooming late in the summer.

Step 2

Cut Asiatics for use in your fresh arrangements, but take care not to remove more than the top third from any single stem. The plant needs as much of its stem area intact as possible to store next year's blooming energy.

Step 3

Cut down the brown, dead foliage late in the fall.

Step 4

Cover your Asiatic lilies with a thick layer of straw much for the winter. This will help protect the bulbs from brutal cycles of freezing and thawing.

Things You'll Need

  • Straw


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