How to Grow Alfalfa Seeds


If you love alfalfa sprouts on your sandwiches or topping your salads, you can easily grow them at home. Full of nutritional value and low in calories, alfalfa sprouts add crunch and good flavor to many dishes. One cup of sprouts contains only eight calories, no saturated or trans fat, no cholesterol and no sugar. They do contain vitamins A, C and K, dietary fiber and protein. Alfalfa seeds are said to be a good appetite stimulant and blood cleanser. They help contribute to the heart's good health by helping to lower bad cholesterol.

Step 1

Prepare about 2 tbsp. of alfalfa seeds by rinsing them in a strainer with good drinking water. This quantity of seeds will fill a 1 qt. jar after they sprout.

Step 2

Transfer your soaked seeds into your glass jar and then fill it with room-temperature water (60 to 70 degrees F). Secure cheesecloth or a stocking over the lid with a rubber band. Allow seeds to remain in the water and soak overnight in an area without light.

Step 3

Drain the water out of your jar the next day and then set your jar upside down at an angle in a bowl. Keep the jar and bowl in a dark area, such as under your sink. If the temperature in this area remains at about 70 degrees, this is ideal.

Step 4

Rinse your seeds and drain the jar twice each day for the next three days. Keep it upside down in its dark area between rinsing.

Step 5

Move your jar, without water, to an area in your kitchen where it will get a small amount of indirect sunlight. Doing this step is important because it will "green" your sprouts and make them ready to eat.

Step 6

Rinse and drain your greening sprouts for two or three more days. Keep them in the area that receives some natural light. When they look like the sprouts you buy at the grocery store, rinse them one final time, wait 8 to 12 hours and then put them in a sealed container and keep them in the refrigerator.

Things You'll Need

  • Alfalfa seeds
  • Strainer
  • Water
  • Glass jar
  • Cheesecloth or nylon stocking
  • Rubber band
  • Bowl
  • Dark area


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