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Roses are one of the most popularly planted garden shrubs. You can find these romantic flowers in a wide array of colors, including vivid orange. Like all rose colors, orange roses have their own symbolism, history and unique attributes.

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After the discovery of yellow roses in the late 18th century, rose cultivators experimented with hybrids in various colors. In the late 19th century, orange roses were produced and earned a warm reception by gardeners as well as flower lovers.


Orange roses have a special significance. As they are a combination of red roses, which symbolize passion and love, and yellow roses, which symbolize friendship, orange roses have a meaning that combines the two. The meaning of orange roses is desire and romantic interest.


Orange roses come in a variety of shades, including subdued coral hues, spicy carrot colors, apricot and burnt orange. There are many types of orange roses such as "Mandarin Sunblaze," which is a miniature rose, and "Oranges n' Lemons," which boasts stripes of orange and yellow.


Because of their autumnal hues, orange roses create a lovely Thanksgiving centerpiece or Halloween bouquet.

Fun Fact

Since 1982, "Roses UK" has named one variety of flower "Rose of the Year." Several orange roses have won this honor such as "Harvest Fayre," "Sunset Boulevard" and "Dawn Chorus."


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