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Decorative garden accessories add personality to your garden. Some accessories, such as lattices, urns, planters and birdbaths, have a practical purpose. Others, like statues, globes and wall hangings, are strictly for visual entertainment. Furniture throughout the landscape and on the patio extends the usefulness of the yard. A garden accessory can be almost anything from a display of antique tools to a bicycle with its basket planted with geraniums and ivy.

Lighting Effects

Extend the use and enjoyment of your garden into the evening hours by placing light fixtures throughout the yard. The lighting can be low-voltage electrical lights illuminating a path, highlighting a tree or outlining a border. Twine mini holiday lights around tree trunks for a magical effect. Candles placed within hurricane lanterns on tables provide a soft glow. Solar-powered lights don't require any electrical wiring but do need to get six to eight hours of direct sunlight to work effectively. Battery-operated lights are available as well in many different forms. Lighting can even be used underwater in a pond or pool.

Furniture Functions

No garden is complete without a place to admire a view, rest for a moment, or enjoy a snack and cool drink. Furniture in the garden is a must. Benches can be made of metal or cement to withstand the elements. Wooden benches are rustic but do need to be stored during the winter months. The choice in fabrics, finishes and furniture for outdoor use is expansive. Your patio can be as stylish and well appointed as your living room with rugs, pillows and tables. Color schemes, prints and textures don't scream outdoors but are sophisticated as well as sturdy.


Take a walk through your backyard to see where a garden room would work. If there is a view, there should be a bench. Perhaps a corner would make a lovely spot to have lunch or a glass of wine while watching the sunset. If so, place a couple of chairs with a small table so it's convenient to stop and watch. A sheltered area under the trees might be the perfect spot for hammock.

Artistic Additions

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and so is artwork and whimsy. While classical statuary is ever popular, don't stop there. A mirror placed on a far wall extends the yard by reflecting the scenery. A metal archway serves as a doorway from one garden room to the next. A birdbath provides feathered friends with a cool drink of water but also acts as a focal point. Look at your collectibles to see which can be used to accent your garden.


Go the perimeter of your yard and look back toward the house. You might spot a couple of garden areas that could use an accessory or two.

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