Red Wigglers Facts


The red wiggler worm, also known as Eisenia fetida, is used to help add nutrients to soil and aerate it. Red wiggler worms aren't found in your typical backyard. It is one of 2,500 different worm types.


Red wiggler worms are 2 to 4 inches long and have a reddish-purple color. There can be stripes. There should be a yellow tail tip.


The red wiggler worm does well in composting efforts by consuming most any type of manure and organic matter.

Worm Castings

The red wiggler worm castings (excrement) are great for gardening by adding even more concentrated nutrients to the earth.

Food Needs

A red worm at maturity will eat up to its full weight every day. For an average family of four, you will need 2 lbs. of red wiggler worms to consume and break down normal castaway table scraps.


To breed red wigglers for composting purposes, you need a worm bin with bedding and organic food material; wet gently, and then let it sit.


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