How to Stake Peonies


Peonies are irresistible old-fashioned flowers that held a place of honor in our grandmothers' gardens. They're just as beautiful today, with emerald green leaves and big, splashy blooms. Peonies are hardy and easy to maintain, but they can often grow so tall and the blooms so heavy that they can topple under their own weight. Stake the peonies while in early spring, and your peonies will remain upright all summer.

Step 1

Drive wooden or metal stakes around the base of the peony bush. Be sure the stakes are long enough to drive securely into the ground, and still have enough above ground to support the plant as it matures. Leave about 10 inches between each stake.

Step 2

Tie a strip of old sheet to one stake. Cross it through the peony bush to the stake on the opposite side of the peony bush.

Step 3

Wrap the strip around that stake twice. Wind it around the neighboring stake, and then cross it through the plant and over to the opposite stake.

Step 4

Continue criss-crossing through the peony from post to post, until you come full circle. Tie the strip to the first stake and cut it with a pair of scissors. As the peony grows, it will hide the stakes and the fabric.

Things You'll Need

  • Wooden or metal stakes
  • Strips of old sheets
  • Scissors


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