How to Install Hanging Flower Pots


Hanging baskets are an attractive addition to any porch, entryway or outdoor room. These baskets, which are actually flower pots with supports that allow them to be suspended in midair, are typically planted with flowers such as petunias, vines like the potato vine or plants such as ferns that spill over their sides for a showy display. Some hanging flower pots are nothing more than cages lined with moss, plastic or bark that will allow the gardener to plant flowers, plants or vines inside the structure of the basket itself. Installing a hanging basket is so simple than even someone without rudimentary woodworking abilities can do so.

Step 1

Drill the hole to anchor your hanging basket into the masonry, stud or support of the wall where your hanging basket will hang. Select a sturdy anchor point that can support the additional weight of a hanging basket. Some larger baskets will be very heavy once they have been watered. Apply constant, steady pressure throughout the drilling process.

Step 2

Place anchor bolt into the drill hole in your support.

Step 3

Seat the anchor in the hole by tapping the end with a hammer.

Step 4

Slide one end of the chain into the screw that inserts into the anchor bolt. Then twist the screw into the anchor bolt.

Step 5

Test the chain to ensure that it is tight and the support structure can support the weight of the hanging basket by pulling hard on the chain a few times.

Step 6

Place one end of the S-hook in the other end of the chain.

Step 7

Place the hook of the hanging basket in the other end of the S-hook.

Things You'll Need

  • Drill
  • Anchor bolt
  • Anchor bolt screw
  • Hammer
  • Hanging basket
  • 1/8-inch chain (will support 340 lbs)
  • S hooks


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