How to Plant Seeds in a Sponge


Planting seeds in a sponge is a simple way to germinate vegetables and other plants. This activity is often used to let elementary and preschool students watch the early stages of plant life. It could also be used to grow sprouts for a recipe or as an inexpensive way to start plants.

Step 1

Run a sponge under cool water, then wring it out until it is only slightly damp.

Step 2

Place the sponge on a plate. Place one or more seeds on the sponge. Small seeds, such as radish seeds work best.

Step 3

Place the plate near a window with sunlight where it won't be disturbed.

Step 4

Watch the seeds over the next few days. Touch the sponge every day and drip a few drops of water on it if it gets totally dry. Within a couple days, your seeds should start to sprout.

Step 5

Make a small hole in loose soil for each seed you wish to continue growing. Carefully bury the root of the seed without damaging the root or stem of the plant.

Things You'll Need

  • Water
  • Plate
  • Soil


  • How to Plant Seeds in a Sponge
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