How to Germinate Mint Seeds


Mint is an herb plant that is used for drinks, cooking and aromatherapy. The Mentha Spicata species of mint, also known as spearmint, is the easiest of the mints to grow indoors. Typically, mint plants will grow to 2 feet high. This hardy perennial comes back in the spring if planted outside and prefers to grow in full sun.

Step 1

Fill the plant pot nearly full with compost or potting soil.

Step 2

Water soil until it is damp but not completely saturated.

Step 3

Take a pinch of mint seeds from the packet and scatter the seeds over the top of the soil.

Step 4

Place the plant pot in a clear, plastic or polythene bag, with the opening of the bag toward the top. Tie the top of the bag closed to prevent the soil from drying out.

Step 5

Set the pot in an area with full light and a temperature of between 69 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

Step 6

Remove the plastic when the seedlings appear through the soil and mist the mint with a water bottle. The seedlings should appear two to three weeks after planting.

Step 7

Thin the mint seedlings by removing the seedlings from their original pot and transplanting them into several new pots, filled with top soil. Distribute three to four seedlings per new pot.

Tips and Warnings

  • Do not pack potting soil down. Mint seeds require air to germinate. Do not cover mint seeds with more soil after sprinkling them atop the soil. Mint needs full light to germinate.

Things You'll Need

  • Plant Pots
  • Potting soil or clean compost
  • Clear plastic or polythene bag
  • Twist tie or string
  • Water bottle


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