How to Make Compost Containers


When it comes to fertilizing plants, nothing is better for them than nutrient-rich compost. Compost has been called black gold by some garden enthusiasts because the nutrient, rich dirt is black in color. Compost is basically rotten organic material. As the organic material is worked into the soil, it returns nutrients to the soil that have been taken out by plants. Regular use of compost in gardens reduces diseases in plants and leads to healthier garden plants. The fastest way to make compost is with the use of a compost bin.

Step 1

Carry your materials to the site where your compost bin should stand. It is easier to assemble your compost bin at the site than to carry it once it has been built.

Step 2

Stand two skids upright so that the right side of one abuts the left side of the other in an L shape. Prop these skids upright by placing a brick on the ground in front of and behind each skid.

Step 3

Join these skids together using a set of two hinges. Place one hinge in the upper and lower corners of each skid where they touch one another, and attach with wood screws.

Step 4

Prop your third pallet against one of the two pallets that you joined together, and join it with hinges as you did in step 3.

Step 5

Join your last pallet to the structure as you did the third pallet in step 4. You should now have a box with sides that can hinge open and closed.

Step 6

Where the last pallet joins the first pallet, attach a hasp so that one side is on one pallet and the other side is on the other. Closing the hasp will lock the last pallet in place to create a door.

Step 7

Slide a brick under each corner of your bin to lift it off the ground and allow the door to swing freely.

Step 8

Open the door, and tack chicken wire to the inside of the bin using carpenter's staples. This will help to keep smaller particles into your bin.

Step 9

Create a vent for the center of your compost bin by drilling quarter-sized holes throughout the PVC pipe. Place the PVC pipe into the center of the bin. This will allow oxygen to reach the center of your compost pile, and eliminate the need to turn the pile frequently.

Things You'll Need

  • 4 wooden skids
  • Chicken wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Carpenter's staples
  • Hammer
  • 6 hinges
  • Hasp
  • 4 bricks
  • Wood screws
  • Electrical drill
  • Drill bits
  • Phillips screw driver head for an electrical drill
  • 6-foot length of schedule 40 PVC pipe that is 4 inches in diameter


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