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Tulips are known by the botanical name of Tulipa and are from the Lily (Liliaceae) family. They are beautiful blooms, with 120 species of wild tulips and 2,300 named tulip varieties.

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Tulips are hardy perennials with strap like leaves and a bulbous bloom. The majority are bowl-shaped, while others can be double-bloomed, star-like, or fringed. They bloom in spring for early color.


Tulips prefer full sun unless they are planted in USDA zones 7 to 10. For those zones, they need partial shade. A well-drained soil is needed. Rotate the areas in which tulips are planted every 2 to 3 years.


Tulips are hardy in USDA hardiness zones of 4 to 10.


Plant the tulip bulbs at autumn's end for spring blooms. Take the bulb offset and separate. Offsets planted may take many growing seasons before flowering.


Skin rashes can be common in some people who handle tulips. This is called contact dermatitis.


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