How to Prune Kansas Hawthorn


The Kansas hawthorn will typically grow to 20 feet in height. They can be found in eastern Kansas, Oklahoma and Arkansas as well as southern Illinois and Missouri. While regular pruning of the Kansas hawthorn's canopy is not necessary, removal of weak branches should be carried out in early winter or early spring before buds appear.

Step 1

Remove weak limbs on young trees to establish one main leader.

Step 2

Cut ¼ inch above an outward facing bud to avoid branch congestion.

Step 3

Prune larger branches by making an undercut approximately 1 foot from the trunk.

Step 4

Remove the branch with an overcut, leaving a stub.

Step 5

Cut off the stub beside where the tree and limb join, known as the branch collar.

Step 6

Remove stems and suckers from the root system immediately as they may take over the scion.

Tips and Warnings

  • Kansas hawthorn has very large thorns. Take care when pruning, and keep small children away from these trees.

Things You'll Need

  • Pruning shears


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