How to Plant Hollyhock Seeds


Hollyhocks have fantastical spires but at the same time evoke quiet country gardens. You can collect hollyhock seeds from your garden, trade with friends and neighbors, or check out the seed catalogs. Hollyhocks come in just about every shade imaginable, from delicate pastels to stark blacks and purples. You can find the perfect color, or range of colors, to suit any garden theme. Hollyhocks can be started either indoors or outdoors

Step 1

Decide whether you would like to plant your seeds in fall or spring. If you plant in spring, aim for six weeks before the average frost-free date for starting indoors or one week before for starting indoors.

Step 2

Select a full- to part-shade location in which to grow your hollyhocks. Remember that hollyhocks have tall spires, so choose a spot toward the back of the garden bed.

Step 3

Amend soil by adding compost, aged manure or an all-purpose fertilizer. Try to choose a location that remains evenly moist or plan to provide irrigation.

Step 4

Plant seeds on the surface of the soil or just underneath. It looks odd, but it works. If planting indoors, provide lighting from the beginning rather than waiting until the seeds germinate.

Step 5

Water your hollyhock seeds regularly. Try to keep the soil consistently moist while the seeds are germinating.

Tips and Warnings

  • Hollyhocks are prone to fungal diseases and hollyhock rust. Remove infected leaves and avoid overhead watering as a precaution. Treat any remaining problems with a standard garden fungicide.

Things You'll Need

  • Hollyhock seeds
  • Compost, aged manure, or fertilizer


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