How to Plant Avacodos


Gardeners living in warm regions often grow avocado trees in a landscape. These tropical trees are beautiful additions to any yard and should produce a delicious avocado crop to reward a gardener's green thumb. Find a sunny location where the avocado tree will have shelter from winds and cold temperatures. Plant avocados to provide attractive trees and a bountiful avocado harvest for years to come.

Step 1

Prepare a growing area in the spring that receives full sunlight and has some protection from wind. Use the garden spade to aerate the soil down to a depth of 6 inches and spread 2 inches of compost onto the top of the soil. Work the compost into the soil with the spade.

Step 2

Dig a hole for the avocado tree that is the same depth as the root ball of the avocado tree and approximately 2 inches wider.

Step 3

Remove the avocado tree from the temporary container and look at the roots. If the roots are compacted, loosen them with your fingers. If any of the roots are growing in a round pattern, use the garden shears to clip them. Carefully place the tree into the prepared hole and fill the soil back in around the roots.

Step 4

Water the newly planted avocado tree well immediately after planting. Water the tree when the top of the soil surface dries slightly. This might require daily watering or less frequent watering, depending upon the weather conditions of where you live.

Step 5

Apply 2 to 3 inches of the redwood bark mulch around the base of the tree. Keep the mulch approximately 6 inches away from the trunk of the tree, however.

Step 6

Fertilize the avocado tree with not more than 2 tsp. of granular fertilizer over the course of the entire growing season. Do this at one time or divide the fertilizer into smaller amounts and work this into the soil two or three times over the growing season.

Step 7

Control weeds carefully around the base of the tree. This is because avocado trees have very shallow root systems. If you dig up and remove weeds, you might disturb the roots of the avocado tree.

Things You'll Need

  • Compost
  • Garden spade
  • Shovel
  • Small avocado tree
  • Garden shears
  • Redwood bark mulch
  • Balanced fertilizer (granular)


  • Growing an Avocado Tree
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