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A fuchsia is an evergreen in temperate climates and a deciduous shrub in regions that receive heavy frost in winters. Fuchsias come in many colors and varieties and can grow as a shrub or as a hanging plant.

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The discovery of the fuchsia dates to the 17th century, with credit to a priest, Charles Plumier. He named the plant fuchsia after his acquaintance, fellow botanist Dr. Leonard Fuchs.


Fuchsias grow as shrubs, as espaliers and in tree shape, achieving heights of up to 18 feet. They can also grow as climbers in hanging baskets that trail 3 to 5 feet.

Fuchsia Plant Care image by "Red Beauties (Fuchsia )" is Copyrighted by Flickr user: Swami Stream (Swaminathan) under the Creative Commons Attribution license.

Growing Conditions

Grow fuchsias where they will receive plenty of filtered light, good drainage and plenty of water. Fuchsias will also grow in direct sunlight, as long as their root system does not dry out.


Fuchsias need fertilizer, preferably high-potash liquid fertilizer. To keep your fuchsia blooming throughout its growing season, remove the expired blossoms, known as "deadheading."

Expert Insight

Aphids and white flies are common fuchsia pests. Eradicate both aphids and white flies by mixing 2 to 4 teaspoons of insecticidal soap in a quart of water and spraying the infested leaves until they are saturated with the solution.


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