Leland Cypress Tree Information


A fast-growing upright evergreen, Leyland cypress grows up to 4 feet per year. Landscapers use it for quick, dense cover; it works as a privacy screen or block wind.


Leyland cypress can grow up to 100 feet tall, but typically grows to a height of 50 to 60 feet.


Not particular about soil, Leyland cypress will grow in clay or loam. It is moderately salt-tolerant and will grow in mildly acidic, neutral or mildly alkaline soil.


Leyland cypress grows in partial or full sun. For the best color, it needs at least four hours of sunlight per day.


If you shear it yearly, you can grow Leyland cypress as a hedge of any height. Trim regularly to maintain an even look.


Although Leyland cypress is drought-tolerant, it is vulnerable to canker disease after prolonged periods of dryness.


Do not grow Leyland cypress in loose, unstable soil. Because it grows quickly, its roots may not be able to stabilize the tree, especially in high winds.


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