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Botanists describe bamboo as a woody perennial type of grass---a plant that has more than 1,500 species around the world. Bamboo typically grows in the tropical regions of the world, where it is among the most useful of all plants on earth.

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Time Frame

Bamboo is the most rapid growing plant on Earth. It grows so quickly that researchers observed one specimen that grew almost 4 feet in a single 24-hour span.


Bamboo is such a hardy plant that after the atomic blast destroyed the Japanese city of Hiroshima in August 1945, bamboo was among the first plants to begin to grow again.


The bamboo plant can be used as a food source because the shoots are edible. Bamboo is also an important building material, used in regions where timber is in short supply to make everything from houses to bridges.


A stand of bamboo releases 35 percent more oxygen into the air than a comparable grove of trees, according to the Lewis Bamboo website. Bamboo also helps reduce erosion in the areas where it grows.

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Fun Fact

The giant panda, a bear that lives in the mountainous regions of China, depends almost solely on bamboo as a food source. It will eat as much as 85 pounds of bamboo in a day, digesting just 20 percent of the plants it devours.


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