How to Prune Coastal Sweet Pepperbush


Coastal sweet pepperbush is a deciduous shrub native to the Eastern United States. It is used as erosion control in some areas, but it also makes a great yard shrub. Coastal sweet pepperbush grows quite large, if allowed to, and produces long blooming flowers throughout the midsummer. If you want to maintain this shrub properly, it is best to prune coastal sweet pepperbush. While this requires a little bit of work, pruning coastal sweet pepperbrush is actually quite easy.

Step 1

Prune coastal sweet pepperbush in the spring while it is still dormant. Coastal sweet pepperbush's flowers bloom on new growth, so a vigorous spring pruning will give you a nice bloom come summer.

Step 2

Remove any remaining dry fruiting capsules from the coastal sweet pepperbush. These are no longer needed by the plant at this time.

Step 3

Remove all the dead and damaged branches at the base of the coastal sweet pepperbush. This will aid the air circulation within the plant while helping it maintain a nice appearance.

Step 4

Trim back any overreaching branches. Coastal sweet pepperbush can be pruned into a hedge or other shapes if so desired. Pruning over reaching branches helps maintain this shape.

Step 5

Space each branch about 5 to 6 inches apart from each other. Remove about 30 percent to 40 percent of the coastal sweet pepperbush growth each pruning to stimulate new growth that spring.

Step 6

Trim your coastal sweet pepperbush into the desired shape. Coastal sweet pepperbush looks nice as a small spherical shrub and as a large hedge.

Tips and Warnings

  • Do not brush pruning seal over the cuts because you want to stimulate growth in your coastal sweet pepperbush and not keep it in check.

Things You'll Need

  • Pruning shears
  • Gloves


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