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Traditionally, it is women who receive flowers and men who give them. The thought of giving flowers to a man may not even cross a woman's mind. However, when you're racking your brain trying to figure out what to give your man for Valentine's Day, you may want to try something unique: flowers.


Many people assume men wouldn't appreciate a gift of flowers. But a survey conducted by Bruskin/Goldring Research asked 500 men if they would like to receive flowers from a woman for Valentine's Day. According to the results, 61 percent of men of all ages said yes, they would. Keep in mind that this survey was conducted for the Society of American Florists; however, Bruskin/Goldring Research is a well-known and respected name in the research and marketing world.


Choose flower colors carefully. Find out what each color means. For instance, orange is often a good color choice, as it symbolizes passion and excitement. Also, red may be a good choice. It is the classic color that means deep love and desire. You may want to skip colors like pink, which represents grace and elegance, and lavender, which symbolizes enchantment and also grace and elegance. However, these are merely guidelines---you should also base your choice on your significant other's favorite colors.

Flower Choice

Roses are a sure hit for most women, and possibly for some men. However, consider giving roses with "I love you" embossed on each rose to make it more special and unique for men. Many men also prefer monochromatic arrangements with exotic flowers like orchids or birds of paradise. In addition, consider giving a plant instead of cut flowers. Plants can be indoor varieties or something that can be transplanted outside. Bonsai or bamboo plants may be suitable choices for men who enjoying working with their hands since these plants can be pruned and trained to form different shapes.


Select a container that you think your man will like. Typically, most men prefer simpler and more modern vases such as a solid black rectangular vase with sharp lines. You can also think outside the box. There are many other kinds of containers to place the flowers in, including car-shaped vases and baseball-shaped mugs. While flowers alone would make a good gift for your man, perhaps you can add a second gift in the card. For instance, choose a baseball mug for the flowers and add baseball tickets in the card. Choose a car-shaped vase and add hotel reservations in the card to symbolize a road trip.


Sometimes it's not the gift, but the presentation, that counts. If you are giving him a plant and the idea is to eventually plant it outdoors, it may be best to first present it like you would cut flowers (instead of planting it outdoors ahead of time). However, if you're the green thumb in your household, you may want to include as part of the gift a card or homemade gift certificate that promises to help your mate plant and care for his gift. Also, consider presenting the flowers or plant in a romantic way. Just handing him some flowers in your jogging clothes may not do the trick; instead, make the flowers the centerpiece of a romantic dinner. Or use some of the petals to lay out a path to the flowers and the "real" gift (your choice).

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