Pond Construction Ideas

Water ponds can create a beautiful and relaxing centerpiece in your outdoor sanctuary. Using items found around your home, you can build an attractive and unique water pond. Nestle the pond in your backyard among your plants and flowers. Place a water pond in your herb garden to attract butterflies and hummingbirds. At night, the sound of the water will create a soothing and relaxing feeling in your landscape.

Small Pond

Small spaces, such as an apartment patio or small backyard, can be used as a spot for your container pond. A container pond feature is made from a plastic container and is very simple to build. By adding a pump and a bamboo spitter, the feature where the water shoots into the container pond, you can create a beautiful water feature. Add colorful floating water plants such as water lilies and buttercups. This will create a peaceful and relaxing sound on your porch.

Colorful Pond

Pond bottoms are typically black and very dark. Instead of the usual black bottom, try a bright and bold color using glass. Line the bottom with recycled glass such as sea glass or old tiles. Use antique dishes or broken pieces of your favorite cup or plate for a colorful pattern. Design a mosaic when building the pond bottom by incorporating the glass into the cement. Craft a picture using the colorful pieces of glass and tiles. Flower patterns and plant designs can be produced with a few simple pieces of glass and will create an unusual and creative pond bottom design.

Japanese Pond

Design a Japanese style pond using a few simple and affordable items. Instead of using floating water plants, fill the surrounding landscape around the pond with moss, bonsai trees, and Japanese maples, keeping the water free of plants. Without aquatic plants, the water will remain clear and free of algae, which will create a beautiful reflection in the water and a nice contrast with the surrounding plants. Another addition to the garden is to build a pathway over the plants. In the pond, lay large rocks through the water and into the landscape. You can walk over the pond and into your relaxing garden space. Plant a flowering cherry on the edge of the pond for a colorful addition. If your garden or pond is small, you can find rocks in small sizes and miniature bonsai plants. Nestle lanterns within the garden for a magical glow.

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