How to Trim an Olympic Giant Pear Tree


Olympic Giant pears weigh in around a pound or more and are sweet, crisp and juicy. The pears have fragrant blossoms in spring and ripen on the tree around mid-October. After harvest is when the trees should be pruned (in late winter) in order to retain their natural shape and keep them maintained. The pear trees in warmer climates do not have to be pruned in the winter. You should prune them immediately after harvesting season.

Step 1

Use the loppers to trim off any dead, broken or diseased branches around the lower part of the tree, then use the ladder to reach the parts of the tree that are higher. Prune away any broken or diseased branches any time of the year. It's important to get these off and away from your tree so that they don't sap nutrients from the tree.

Step 2

Do major pruning right before spring, in the late winter season. Make sure to have loppers, pruning shears and pruning scissors for the variety of differently sized branches that will need to be trimmed from the Olympic Giant pear tree.

Step 3

Cut the branches close to the trunk, but leave the wrinkled edges of the branch attached to the tree, so you can have several stumps. This is to ensure the health of the pear tree.

Step 4

Prune those shoots that grow from around the base of the trunk of the tree, or off the sides of the tree's trunk. Prune back any branches that are crossing each other, are growing straight up or down, or at any awkward angles.

Step 5

Cut off any major trunks that have sprung from the dominant center trunk that is the strongest and largest in order to get rid of competition. You might not have to do this, but trimming back larger trunks next to the dominant trunk helps reduce the amount of nutrients that need to be spread throughout the tree, thus concentrating it on areas like the main trunk to make it strong and healthy.

Step 6

Discard of the pruned pieces from the Olympic Giant pear tree by throwing them away or composting them.

Things You'll Need

  • Gloves
  • Pruning shears
  • Pruning scissors
  • Loppers
  • Ladder


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