How to Protect Honesty


Honesty, or lunaria annua, also known as dollar plant, money plant, moonwort, and lunaria is a biennial. It is native to Southeastern Europe and Western Asia. It grows to a height of two to three feet. It has become popular in urban and country gardens because of its beautiful purple flowers and sprays of flat, paper-thin fruit. Honesty blossoms in early spring from April through May. In mid-summer the sprays of fruit appear. The flat, paper-thin fruit is the size of a silver dollar, thus the common name of money plant. These paper thin fruits contain the seed of the honesty plant. As the fruit matures it becomes translucent, and it can be used in dried flower arrangements. This hardy plant can be protected by ensuring that it has the right sunlight requirements, the correct soil conditions, and by allowing it to reseed itself (it is a biennial).

Step 1

Select a planting site that is either in full sun to partial shade. The honesty plant will grow vigorously in this location. It will not do well in complete shade.

Step 2

Determine if your soil is organically rich. If your soil lacks organic material, amend it by adding organic content. Loosen the soil/plant bed well with a garden fork, breaking up any hard clumps of soil, and add compost. Mix the compost in well.

Step 3

Allow some of the sprays of fruit or seed pods to dry on the plant. Do not cut back all of them for use in dried flower arrangements. Allow the plant to reseed itself. These seed sprays can be left in your garden for winter interest, and the seeds will be disbursed, producing new plants in the spring.

Step 4

Cut back the plant two to four inches from the ground after the first hard freeze. Dispose of the dead plant material in your compost bin.

Step 5

Cover the plant bed with mulch. You can use mulched leaves, hay, straw, or evergreen boughs.

Things You'll Need

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  • Compost


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