How to Winterize Gloriosa Daisy


The Gloriosa daisy is a favorite choice for cut flowers. They grow up to 3 feet tall and have bright yellow petals with rust colored centers. If planted outdoors, Gloriosa daises will have a hard time surviving in winter but often reseed themselves for the coming spring. Bring any potted Gloriosa daisies indoors or to an enclosed porch for the duration of the cold season.

Step 1

Add compost. Before the first frost, mix compost into the soil of your Gloriosa daisies to give them a quick boost before the cold weather officially arrives.

Step 2

Cut back your plants. After the first frost, Gloriosa daisies will not retain their blooms. Snip the upright stems and seed heads down to the lower ring of leaves called the "rosette."

Step 3

Spread mulch. Add a 2- or 3-inch layer of mulch around the base of your Gloriosa daisies. This will help keep heat in the ground around the roots.

Step 4

Remove dead leaves. In early spring, snip off any brown or yellow leaves on the rosette.

Step 5

Fertilize. As soon as spring arrives, spread an evenly balanced fertilizer on the soil of your Gloriosa daisies to encourage rapid growth.

Things You'll Need

  • Compost
  • Mulch
  • Pruning shears


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