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Indoor gardening works for urban gardeners with limited space and people who enjoy the outdoors but not the bleakness of winter. Creating an indoor garden brings fresh scents and vivid color to your home.


Sudden changes to a plant's environment can cause shock. Condition your plant by giving it the most light possible in your home and then slowly lessen the amount of light to equal the amount it will receive in its new indoor garden location.


Plants grown indoors help improve air quality by adding oxygen and humidity to the air and removing harmful toxins.


Use feng shui form to design your indoor garden. Feng shui is the Chinese practice of bringing peace and harmony to your home through placement of objects.


Prevent pests, such as spider mites and aphids, in your indoor garden by spraying with insecticidal soap. Discourage fungus, mold and mildew by maintaining well drained soil and not over watering.


Be aware of individual plants needs. For instance, plants that need intense care might require that you have a friend check on them when you are on vacation.


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