Meaning of Mixed Pink and Red Roses


Sending a mixture of pink and red roses, as opposed to roses of a single color, sets you apart as a person with some imagination. You can use the "language of flowers" to give voice to the feelings of your heart.

Roses--and their color--send a message. image by "Pink Rose in the Evening Light" is Copyrighted by Flickr user: Athena's Pix (Athena Flickr) under the Creative Commons Attribution license.

Pink and Red Together

Red roses mean love, and pink means romance, so together they speak of a romantic partnership.

Youthful Passion

Pink and red roses say, "I think you are young and beautiful." Since they signify youthful passion, they are appropriate for a young couple or a couple with a young attitude.

Freshness of Love

Pink and red sends a message about the freshness of love--and they can be appropriate for lovers of any age who feel as passionately as ever.

Dark Pink and Red

Dark pink roses are a sweet message saying, "I appreciate you," making a mixture of dark pink and red appropriate as an anniversary message about romance still being alive in a long partnership.

Light Pink and Red

Light pink roses convey friendship. A mixture of red and light pink roses say, "I love you and you are my best friend."


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