What Flowers Grow Best Indoors?


Brighten your indoor space by adding flowering plants. Consider a plant's needs, how well your time and space can accommodate them and prepare to be rewarded with seasons of blooms.

Bright Light, No Direct Sun

Azaleas and hydrangea, widely grown outdoors, are also two excellent plants to grow indoors. Take extra care to keep soil moist at all times.

Winter Flowers

Cyclamen is a winter-flowering potted plant that can last late into the spring. Poinsettia's flowers are also associated with the colder months but can last for two to six months.

Constant Bloom

Kalanchoe can be purchased with blooms throughout the year. Give it average humidity and thorough watering.

Pretty, but Particular

Rosa, or miniature rose, requires a lot of maintenance, including lots of light, high humidity and lots of water, but it gives reward with beautiful blooms.

Show Stoppers

Orchids come with a reputation for being difficult to grow, but they are actually easy to maintain.


  • How to Care for Flowering Indoor Plants
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