How to Take Care of Daisies


While Gerber and Shasta daisies tend to come to mind at the mention of the popular plant, there are hundreds of varieties of the flower. One thing common among all types is that they are easy to care for. Follow a few simple steps and this hardy plant will reward you with bountiful blooms for seasons to come.

How to Take Care of Daisies

Step 1

Daisies are relatively hardy plants and will grow well in most ground soil. It will be necessary to amend the soil when daisies are not visibly thriving. Alter the soil by adding one inch of fertilizer around the plant. Prevent weeds from crowding the daisies by covering the fertilizer with two inches of mulch.

Step 2

Pinch or cut back daisies when they become too tall or to remove dead or dying parts. Daisies that are routinely pruned will produce more abundant blooms and will, in general, extend the life of the plant. Use scissors to prune and get a clean cut, clipping just above a leaf node.

Step 3

Keep the soil around the daisies moist by watering the plant at least twice a week. If you live in a particularly dry climate, check the ground for dampness between watering. The ground should not be completely dry.


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