How to Prune a Weeping Mulberry


The weeping mulberry tree is deciduous and grows all over Asia and North America. The tree gets its name from the growth pattern of its branches. When left natural, the branches grow up and then outward, eventually reaching back down to the ground. Mulberry trees can reach heights of 80 feet if not pruned annually to reduce their size.

Step 1

Reduce the height of your weeping mulberry by cutting down the top of your tree each year. When possible, you should start controlling the height of your tree before it is fully mature. It may be difficult to reach the top of mature mulberry trees.

Step 2

Trim any branches that are touching the ground. Also, prune branches that are rubbing against other branches. Ideally, there should be 2-3 inches between branches at the top of the tree. This encourages air circulation and helps prevent disease.

Step 3

Wait until the tree becomes dormant to perform heavy pruning. Weeping mulberry trees are prone to bleeding at cutting sites, but this is less likely to occur during dormancy.

Step 4

Prune lateral branches in mid-summer to encourage spurs near the main tree branches. Avoid making cuts greater than 2 inches in diameter, as these will be slow to heal.

Step 5

Remove dead, damaged, or diseased branches annually. Look for signs of insect infestation and remove affected branches. Burn diseased or infested branches to prevent contamination of other trees.

Things You'll Need

  • Sharp pruning sheers
  • Ladder for reaching the treetop


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