How to Make a Hanging Tomato Planter


Just because a gardener lacks a sizable garden with ample room for growing tomatoes, does not mean that luscious tomatoes cannot grow for a delicious harvest. Construct a simple hanging tomato planter out of a 5-gallon bucket and grow a tomato plant upside down on a patio or balcony. Gardeners often find that hanging tomatoes are healthier and suffer fewer diseases and pests than tomatoes grown in garden soil.

Step 1

Place the bucket upside down and drill a hole through the center of the bottom of the bucket. Enlarge the hole with the utility knife so that it is 3 inches in diameter.

Step 2

Drill four holes at the top edge of the bucket (just under the lip of the bucket), spacing them an equal distance apart. These holes will be for hanging the planter. Drill six holes in the bucket lid, spacing them an equal distance apart. These holes will enable you to water the tomato plant.

Step 3

Line the bottom of the bucket with approximately five layers of newspaper. Use the scissors to make a 2-inch slit in the newspapers at the point of the hole in the bucket.

Step 4

Remove the tomato plant from the temporary pot. Place the bucket on its side and carefully insert the tomato plant through the slit in the newspaper and the hole in the bottom of the bucket. The tomato seedling will now be coming out from the bottom of the bucket by approximately 3 inches.

Step 5

Insert one S-hook into each of the four holes in the top of the bucket.

Step 6

Divide the nylon cording into quarters and cut the cording so that you have four equal pieces. Find the center of each piece and tie an overhand knot so that you have a loop at the center point of each piece of cording. Slip the loop of a cording piece over each of the four S-hooks in the bucket.

Step 7

Bring the four cording pieces together and tie them together in a tight overhand knot. Tie a second overhand knot in the same location and tighten the knots securely.

Step 8

Fill the bucket with potting soil. Place the lid firmly on the bucket.

Step 9

Thread the fifth S-hook through the knots in the cording and hang the tomato planter in a location that receives at least 6 hours of direct sunlight each day.

Things You'll Need

  • 5-gallon bucket
  • Electric and 1/2-inch drill bit
  • Utility knife
  • Newspapers
  • Potting soil (40-lb. bag)
  • Tomato plant (cherry tomato or Roma tomato)
  • 2-yards nylon cording (1/4-inch diameter)
  • Scissors
  • Five S-hooks


  • Hanging Tomato Planter
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