What Kind of Plants Can You Grow Indoors?


Whatever the size of your space, it is possible to grow a wide variety of plants indoors. Match the right type of indoor plant to suit your lifestyle and environment.

Low-Light Requirement Plants

A number of plants--such as the Chinese evergreen--can be grown successfully indoors with a minimal amount of natural light.

Low-Water Requirement Plants

Many plants that can be grown indoors have low-water requirements. The barrel cactus and corn plant can each go up to three weeks without water.

Blooming Plants

Not all plants that can be grown indoors are strictly evergreen. Some plants, such as the peace lily, grow lush blooms and are ideal for growing indoors.

Non-Blooming Plants

There are a wide variety of non-blooming plants that can be grown successfully indoors. Options range from common houseplants like the spider plant to more exotic selections, like palm plants.

Non-Poisonous Type

Some plants are known hazards to pets and children. Avoid growing plants such as angel wing and Jerusalem cherry in your indoor space. See resources for more on hazardous plants.


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