A List of Exotic Plants

Exotic plants are plants not native to the country where they are planted. These plants are transplanted from their native countries and often put in harsher environments than what they are accustomed to. This usually means the plants are exposed to hotter and dryer temperatures or even much colder temperatures. Exotic plants are usually grown in pots indoors, and the natural environment must be re-created.

Tropical Pitcher Plant

The tropical pitcher plant, also called monkey cups, is a climbing, carnivorous vine that originates in Southeast Asia. The plant prefers to grow in sunny, open slopes and it thrives in cooler, mountainous areas. The flowers resemble a small vase with its own lid and grow to lengths of about 7 inches. It was once a superstition to not pick the flowers from a pitcher plant; it was believed that if the flowers were picked, it would not rain the following day.


There are more than 28,000 different species of orchids, considered one of the most adaptable plants known to man. They aren't as sensitive to conditions as many people think. Orchids prefer humid, partial shade climates but need a bright, sunny place to thrive. Some orchids grow underground in Australia, while others like to grow in the tops of the trees in the jungle.

Calla Lily

The calla lily, with more than 28 species, originates in South Africa where the climate is tropical. The calla lily is very easy to grow because it can survive in almost any type of soil. It must be kept moist but not completely wet because the roots will rot. Unlike many other exotic plants, the calla lily can even survive a minor frost and if fertilized, it can bloom all year.

Bird of Paradise

The bird of paradise is also called the crane flower and comes from South Africa. It is a close relative of the banana tree and can grow 3 to 5 feet tall with leaves that are 6 inches long. The flower resembles the feathers of a bird, which is why it has been given its name.The plant prefers frequent watering and cooler temperatures. Mulch is often used to help prevent the plants from drying out.

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