The Advantages of Natural Fertilizer


Organic matter is an important composition of any soil that will be used for planting and farming. Natural fertilizers hold vital nutrients that are a necessity for the health of a plant.

Better Water Retention

Organic soil is able to retain water better, which allows it to store more nutrients. It also will prevent a plant from dying due to lack of water.

Improve Soil Health

Organic matter in natural fertilizer improves the condition of tilth in the soil. Tilth is the condition or health of the soil that supports plant growth.

Does Not Destroy Organic Matter

Natural fertilizer enhances the quality of the soil and does not destroy the organic matter that is found in it. Natural fertilizer contains nitrogen and phosphorous which help a plant grow to stay healthy.

Enviromentally Friendly

Natural fertilizers are made up of chopped vegetable peelings, manure, fish emulsion, dried organic matter and cottonseed, which are all biodegradable. These materials will all decompose over a period of time, which will add nutrients to the soil.

Easily Obtainable

Natural fertilizers can be created for free, and the materials used to make it--decomposed matter, manure and food scraps--are easy to access.


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