What Is Nitrogen Fertilizer?


Nitrogen fertilizer is an essential element to any lawn and is also helpful for other types of plants. However, nitrogen is not the only thing that a plant needs and too much nitrogen fertilizer can be a problem.


Nitrogen is the most important nutrient that a plant consumes. The protein found in plants is created with nitrogen and the chloroplast needed for photosynthesis is made out of nitrogen.


Fertilizer is a chemical that is sprayed on plants in order to speed their growth. Decayed plants release nitrogen, which is then mixed with nitrate or ammonium.


Inorganic fertilizer, while better for plants, can end up in the groundwater, poisoning it.

Less is More

Too much fertilizer can disrupt the balance of nutrients in the soil, causing the plants to absorb too much nitrogen and not enough of the other nutrients.


Some nitrogen fertilizer is mostly nitrogen and ammonium, which is good for matured plants. Other fertilizer contains more phosphorus, which is good for new plants as phosphorus helps plants establish root systems.


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