Facts on Rose Plants


Whether it's a hybrid tea, an old-fashioned or a heritage, the rose has a special place in every gardener's heart. It brings beauty, fragrance and a sense of passion to the landscape.


The color of the roses has special meaning: red signifies love, yellow is friendship and white symbolizes purity. The number of the flowers also holds symbolism. One means simplicity, while two twisted together means an upcoming wedding or engagement.


The United States claims to be the rose's native land. A 35 million-year-old fossil of a rose was found in Florissant, Colorado, making it the oldest fossilized imprint bearing the rose.


California produces nearly 60 percent of the American-produced roses. They are primarily sold during the Valentine's Day, Christmas and Mother's Day holidays.


Roses need sun and well-drained soil. Plant roses in early spring to early fall. Dig the hole about 15 inches deep and 18 inches wide and use a 2- to 4-inch layer of compost.


To maintain roses, wet the entire root mass. Generally, a rose needs an inch of water a week applied at soil level, not sprinkled from overhead.


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