Crab Apple Tree Identification


Crab apple trees belong to the Rosaceae family of plants. There are more than 35 species of crab apples and more than 700 varieties within those species. While each of them has its own special characteristics, they all share the same basic traits.


The trunk has a gray, rough and scaly bark. In older trees, the bark develops cracks.


The leaves are deciduous, meaning they drop each fall and regrow each spring. They alternate on the branches as opposed to growing opposite one another. The shape can be round or oval, and the backs are smooth in most cases.


The buds appear in April and May and are usually a reddish brown with hairs. They are egg-shaped with many overlapping scales.


The flowers are mostly white but can have a pink tinge. All crab apple flowers have five petals.


Crab apple fruit is 2 inches or less in diameter. They can be red, yellow or green in color. The stem is long in relation to the size of the fruit, making it look more like a cherry than a regular apple. The fruit also has a very sour taste.


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