What Is Gloriosa?


Gloriosa superba, or the Gloriosa lily, is from the Liliaceae (Lily) family. It has an exotic and odd appearance, with many traits that are not common for lilies. It is native to African jungles and tropical climates.


The gloriosa lily has a pale green petal in bud form and yellow blooms, with red in older stages. The petals arch and there is a prominent stamen. These flowers grow 3 to 5 inches in length.


This is a plant that prefers sunny or partially sunny locations where there is well-drained moist soil. Soils that are rich and nutrient laden are good choices.


Gloriosa is a USDA hardy plant from zones 9 to 11. It can be grown in warm parts of zone 8, if the roots are protected by mulch.


To propagate gloriosa, get the offsets from the base of the vine or plant the tuber divisions you can take from the plant. Plant these offsets 3 inches deep, on their sides.


Lutea is a cultivar with all yellow blooms. Nana is a dwarf variety of the plant. Citrina is a type that is yellow with red marks.


  • Floridata: Gloriosa superba
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