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Whether nibbled straight from the vine, speared on a shish kebab skewer or tossed with salad greens, cherry tomatoes always make for a healthy, bite-sized treat.


Grow cherry tomatoes in pots or in the ground, depending on vine size. They need sun, moderate and consistent watering, and liquid fertilizer once the tomatoes begin to appear.


Dozens of cherry tomato varieties exist. The classic "Sweet 100" can be found in catalogs and at nurseries. Gardeners also prize "Sun Cherry F1" and "Sun Gold" for sweetness; "Tumbler," which grows in small hanging pots; and "Yellow Pear" for its gorgeous color and shape.

Vine Types

Pick the size of plant that best suits your location. Although cherry tomatoes are small, vines can range from those that fit in a hanging basket to sprawling monsters taller than the average person.


In general, determinate vines sprout at once and don't need staking, while indeterminate vines produce cherry tomatoes throughout the growing season, grow taller and need staking.


While we usually think of the cherry tomato as a kind of baby tomato, in reality botanists believe that the cherry tomato, Solanum lycopersicum var. cerasiforme, is the "mother" from which all other tomatoes sprung.


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