Meaning of a Yellow Rose


If you are considering developing a rose garden as part of your garden design, think about planting a yellow rose bush or two. These sunny flowers are sure to brighten any garden, and yellow roses hold significant meaning as well.


Yellow roses were first discovered growing wild in areas of the Middle East in the 1700s. These roses did not possess the same sweet fragrance for which their pink and white counterparts were known; in fact, they smelled like sulfur. Gardeners liked the color, though, and experimented with crossbreeding yellow roses with other colors, eventually cultivating plants with the popular scent.


The significance of yellow roses depends largely on culture. In parts of Europe, yellow roses may signify jealousy or dying love. However, in most regions, the sunny color denotes warmth, friendship and joy.


As do most roses in various colors, yellow roses can be found in an array of types such as floribunda roses that grow in brilliant clusters, hybrid tea roses with copious petals, shrubs and even miniature roses.


Select a type of yellow rose that will flourish in your soil and weather. Your favorite garden supply store or your county's cooperative extension office will be able to give you recommendations.

Fun Fact

While many people are familiar with the traditional folk song "The Yellow Rose of Texas," the yellow rose is not the state flower of Texas. That honor belongs to the bluebonnet.


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