The Advantages of Raised Garden Beds


Raised garden beds are becoming one of the most popular types of gardens. A raised bed can provide a finished, decorator look to your garden, especially if you opt for one of the raised bed sectionals or kits.


A raised bed can be set up wherever growing conditions are right. Your plants are contained in the bed, creating a neat, organized garden. Paths between raised beds are easy to maintain.

Soil Type

Even if the ground beneath is inadequate, a raised bed is filled with the perfect soil mix. Compost stays in the raised bed where it does the most good.


Plants can be spaced closer together in a raised bed, giving you higher yields.

Extended Season

The soil in a raised bed warms up quickly in the spring, allowing you to plant earlier and extend the growing season. Raised beds have good drainage, meaning no more soggy roots.


No tiller is necessary. The soil in the bed will never be compacted from being walked on. Increased soil aeration improves the health of root systems.


Raised beds are easy to care for. Weeding is minimal, and the plants are easier to reach.


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