How to Hydroseed


Hydroseeding is a technique for growing a lawn using a mixture of seed and mulch. The key component to the technique is the addition of a lot of water, which is absorbed greatly by mulch. The products are first mixed in a tank and then applied to soil by spraying. Hydroseeding is often performed by a professional contractor due to the need for special equipment. However, if you purchase the equipment yourself to do the hydroseeding personally, you will find the process to be simpler than sowing seeds by hand.

Step 1

Refer to the Easy Lawn website for thorough information on how to choose a hydroseeding unit and where to find a local dealer (see Resources). Keep in mind that entire units can cost up to $15,000 or more (as of October 2009). Prepare to spray your soil in late fall.

Step 2

Choose the type of grass seeds to be used in the hydroseeding. Any type of grass seed will be suitable, but also make sure that the particular grass seed is suitable for your lawn by asking a lawn care specialist. Purchase the seeds to be used in the hydroseed mixture either at the hydroseeder dealer, or online.

Step 3

Mix the seeds and mulch in the mixer of your unit and then spray your yard according to how large your yard is. Typically, the mixture should be spread in no more than a 2-inch layer. Make sure you fully understand how to operate your unit before hydroseeding your lawn.

Step 4

Water your entire lawn two to three times a day during the first month after the hydroseeding takes place. Make the soil moist 4-5 inches deep, but make sure not to over-flood the soil so there are no puddle areas.

Step 5

Water the soil to your own discretion when the soil is very dry during the winter period. Commonly, in Southern regions you should only need to reduce your watering to 3-4 times a week.

Step 6

Apply starter fertilizer 1 month after the hydroseeding. Different types of seeds require various types of fertilizer ratios. Check with a lawn care specialist if you are unsure. You should see the growth of your grass during the middle of the spring.

Things You'll Need

  • Starter fertilizer
  • Hydro seeds
  • Hydroseeder unit


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