How to Winterize Statice


Statice is a hearty, widely grown plant that is well-known for its long stems and dried flowers. Statice is also called sea lavender, and it has many varieties all in the Limonium family of plants. Annual statice is most often commercially harvested for flowers, but perennial varieties also produce an array of colorful, paper-thin blooms. Statice grows in several zones, so winterizing your statice plants depends on how cold and blustery the winters in your region are.

Step 1

Clip spent flowers off your statice to encourage more blooms and to collect stalks for dried flower arrangements. Statice usually has a long blooming season, and dead-heading flowers will make it even longer. Statice flowers are comprised of a colored calyx with white petals inside. When the petals drop off, cut the calyx for drying.

Step 2

Dig up annual statice and compost it when its bloom is finished. Annual statice only blooms one time.

Step 3

Leave the tall flowering stalks of perennial statice in place until late winter or early spring, especially if your winters aren't very windy. The colored calyx will dry on the stalks over the winter, giving your garden some color.

Step 4

Cut the long stalks and branches from your statice if you have windy winters in your region. Wind can break the stalks and damage the plant. Fallen stalks make your garden look untidy and they can encourage mold and disease growth.

Step 5

Refrain from over-watering statice in the winter. Normal winter precipitation is enough for statice, and it can withstand cold temperatures and even short droughts without extra watering.

Step 6

Clear away dead stalks, branches and leaves from your statice plants in the spring after the last frost. You should start seeing new growth as the weather warms up. Statice propagates itself relatively easily, so thin out your stands of statice so that plants are 8 to 12 inches apart.

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