How to Shape Grapevine


To grow productive healthy grapevines, they will need trimming and shaping. The first year should be spent letting the grapevine grow its own way, then you should start shaping it during the second year. After that, it is important that the grapevine is supported and trimmed for new growth yearly. All that's needed are basic tools and patience.

Step 1

Don't try to shape the vines during their first year of growth. This is to help it establish strong roots, leaves and vines. Allowing them to grow on their own will reveal their natural growth patterns.

Step 2

Inspect the grapevine during the winter of the first year. Find the strongest and most healthy vine or stem. This will be the trunk of the grapevine. Use the pruning shears to get rid of all the stems around the main trunk. Support this trunk with a wooden stake to keep it sturdy.

Step 3

Use pruning shears during the spring of the second year to remove all of the side stems and vines that grow from the trunk. This time, however, keep the two largest vines on either side of the trunk. Once shaped, the grapevine will resemble the main trunk with two larger vines on each side.

Step 4

Cut off the top of the trunk during the second summer. This helps promote growth of the vines on the side of the trunk.

Step 5

Prune the grapevine once a year after this, using the shears to get rid of any broken or weak branches that are growing out, or those that cross over each other. Weeding out these weaker stems will strengthen the remaining stems.

Things You'll Need

  • Gloves
  • Pruning shears
  • Wooden stake


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